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What You Can Do

If you or your children are affected by these issues, the "best" - the most safe - option is avoidance, namely, to move as far away from the source of electromagnetic radiation as possible and not to use mobile phones in particular.

The mobile phone signal is over-engineered by a factor of about one million, in order to help give good reception in what would ordinarily be expected to be areas of poor reception.

Of course, this particular approach of avoidance is not always possible or feasible, if, for example, a mobile phone mast is erected near your home, which is otherwise ideally located, you may not be keen to move away (to suit the whim of the local planning officer!). - *

Campaigning: a large number of voices raised together CAN have an effect in planning / siting issues whereas a lone complaint is almost certain to be ignored.
See our Links & contact your local MP and:
Tetrawatch, or one of the other relevant pressure groups. - *

Shielding: is an option

where one is faced with a situation where the emitter is in place & there is no possibility of either moving house (at a greatly reduced value!) - or of getting the emitter re-sited.

See our Links & contact

Ecos Organic Paints - for EMR & ELF shielding wallpaints to shield the whole or part of your home & reflect microwaves,

In conclusion

- don't give up, as you are not alone & many others are suffering just as you are.
If you can, do something positive about your situation, whether it is campaigning to avoid the local siting of masts, shielding your home, or telling friends & relatives about the dangers of mobile phones & other sources of Electromagnetic radiations.

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